Post Malone Home Malone shirt

Post Malone Home Malone shirt



I show my ID when I vote… but not everyone has an ID. If ID’s didn’t have a lengthy process and a price tag attached and everyone was provided one free of charge, this wouldn’t be a problem. But that’s not the case, and that’s why this is concerning. Nonstory. They were asked for ID because the person thought there was a discrepancy with her registration. They were then ok’d and proceeded to vote. Even if it was in their words ‘questioning their existence as a person’ that existence was then confirmed by those same people without even needing to escalate it to an outside authority. David Benson yes and no. In this instance, it worked out fine (sort of), but think about if it hadn’t. What if the license pic looked nothing like the person, etc. Just cuz this worked out doesn’t mean it always will. The Post Malone Home Malone shirt sucks anyways. My ID has a picture that’s 10 years old. I’ve seen gotten glasses, a new haircut, and sometimes have facial hair. A trans person typically won’t look much different, except maybe a softer/stronger face and longer/shorter hair, although there are obviously exceptions. If they want the system to be more strict, they should make it free and easier to get a new ID, name changes, etc. It seems to me that the new law would handle the biggest complaint that I see on here of her being singled out. By asking everyone to show their ID, no one is singled out. Some states require ID. Some don’t. Point is, if it is not required then it is harassment and/or discrimination to ask for one. If it is required then the ID matching the person is the voter’s responsibility to ensure it does. But to deny a person the right to vote based on bias in s wrong. You should have to provide an ID to vote, there’s no good reason to not need one. They’re cheap and readily available.


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