Pokemon Baby Yoda Baby Groot Stitch Gizmo Friends shirt

Pokemon Baby Yoda Baby Groot Stitch Gizmo Friends shirt



Found another TERF. You want to erase trans men from the conversation altogether. You’re erasing their lived experiences. If you’re trans and you’re homeless, which is FAR more common among trans people, or if you’re a trans man in prison, and yes, even in some workplaces, trans men have little to no access to something that is a medical necessity. Can you imagine the public health nightmare of them freely bleeding all over, especially in close quarters already lacking in hygiene? It’s hilarious that you thought that your lived experience concerning tampons should count as the same as everyone else’s, while you simultaneously erase the lived experiences of ALL trans men. No, you’re mistaken. I fully support individual expression and trans rights. But it’s not reasonable for 1% of affected parties to overtake a discussion. Free tampons is a puzzling men’s rights issue to focus on when we have so many flagrantly discriminatory issues in the US that affect more marginalized groups to a greater degree. (The cynic in me wonders if it’s trolling or an intentional undermining of the issue.) I actually do follow and learn from conversations on bathroom access rights, and asking for free tampons is low on the list. Enclosed bathroom stalls are top of the list, let’s start there. Then let’s get some changing tables in the Pokemon Baby Yoda Baby Groot Stitch Gizmo Friends shirt for all the single dads, cis or not. I went skiing a few weeks ago and was happy to see complimentary menstrual products in the bathroom. Maybe to include all genders we start offering free dispensers between bathrooms (or better yet, start transitioning to gender-neutral bathrooms all together!). If you provide toilet paper-free, you should provide these free as well.


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