Please don’t try me try Jesus he’s still working on me shirt

Please don’t try me try Jesus he’s still working on me shirt



How about the young man who drowned with his young daughter. They interviewed his mom who clearly said he was not coming to the US out of fear. He wanted to come here to work for a few years to save money to build a house in his country. So please tell me how is that someone who should qualify for asylum. Watch the border patrol show.. you will see many coming to get work. It’s real and shows all the drugs trying to be smuggled in. It shows people coming here for false reasons. if Democrats would agree to immigration overhaul things might be different. However, they come here and never leave even after they had due process. I have a right to my opinion the same as you. No, it does not make me caring and unfeeling because you don’t agree with what I say. You’re just like everyone else on this board. If someone holds an opinion that differs from yours you nothing but try to shame me or throw insults. Sorry, but being a bully won’t make me change my mind. Sandra Kincaid Covert, you are the one trying to run refugees of war off our border, this isn’t a “agree to disagree” thing. That’s a dick move, kicking people down because your privileged enough to be standing over them. There are lots of selfish assholes in this world and history will be their Please don’t try me try Jesus he’s still working on me shirt, not me. You insult yourself. I honestly don’t care about your opinion. But don’t try and justify your cruelty to those less privileged than you and expect people to buy it. Own up to your selfish views. Hell even the KKK has come out from under the sheets kiddo. Kindly explain how one protects textbook abstractions like borders considering they don’t exist outside of the imagination of bootlicks like you. They have not addressed the biggest actual problem facing the nation. With no apparent will to face down ANY of the states that have suppressed millions of businesses owners and workers


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