Player of the game 117 rushing yds 2tds 9 lives shirt

Player of the game 117 rushing yds 2tds 9 lives shirt



Tim Mccormick right… like how you assume I’m a democrat because I have empathy for humans and when someone makes a statement like Joe did and I point out the reasoning behind it, ignorant POS like you have to go and defend him because he exhibits your ideals when I’m really a registered Republican from Arizona. Charley Taylor well if the worker submits the proper paperwork as requested by employers; such as social security number than what can be done; unless all these individuals are working under the table. Plants like these don’t run background checks on workers. Charley Taylor well a social security number is also considered part of a federal base. If they received a paycheck, then the number is working, and if it’s not theirs then it’s stolen. We don’t know if these companies aren’t fine or audited after a raid. The news always leaves out those details to drive emotions from readers. Raymond J Krawczyk Jr I get where you’re coming from but do you happen to know how many years they’d have to wait to get here legally? I’m sorry, but if I was the father in their situation I would have done the same. The amount of violence going on in Latin America is crazy. Joshua De Jager that’s what I think needs to take care of we should team up and rid the places of misery that are devastating the innocent and empower them with the proper equipment and training to eradicate the live and dead human trafficking regimes. Oh, look. They followed the laws paid his bond and now he’s free to await his trial. Funny how when you follow the law things work out better for you. Maybe they should have just helped him escape the jail to make a better life for him and his family and saw how that turned out. Adam Michael Wright oh be quiet ignorant hypocrite trumps that’s why ignorant low lives who have ignorance don’t do anything talk about law huh? When your republican and trump wimpy dump breaks the Player of the game 117 rushing yds 2tds 9 lives shirt so much so don’t be talking about laws


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