Pivot friends shirt

Pivot friends shirt



Justin Dove Just a young selfish entitled violent brat. I know a young teen almost 6 feet tall and his mom still spanks him. Somebody asked him if as big as he is he could easily push his mother. He said, “I’ll never do that because she is my mom.” Repeatedly striking someone indicates a violent nature. I thought I recognized her name and face. She’s in one of my support groups about abusive mothers. She constantly posted how abusive she was had pictures and evidence to back it all up. It’s sad all around. I mean, you are all quick to take the mom’s side. Not all mothers are nurturing, caring individuals. And I’m not saying what the daughter did was ok either, but sometimes people under constant abuse or stress will snap. It’s sad on both parts. Justin Dove, it’s just one example of many of which a son/daughter does not go physically violent on parents whatever the circumstance. It is not natural to be violent to your parents unless you are mentally and emotionally unstable. It is pretty clear from the Pivot friends shirt that it’s not as deep as you suggest. The girl was drunk and went off on her mom. Not everyone is a friendly drunk. Melanie Einalem and you don’t think violence and abuse from parents make a child mentally and emotionally unstable? No one just wakes up one day and decide to kill their parents all willy nilly. Needs to be some motive. Justin Dove since she came to her parent’s home drunk, I assume the mother was telling her she needs to out or maybe something along that line. I would have changed the locks and put her stuff to the curb. Don’t be ridiculous. He wasn’t the 1st one to said to have been conceived divinely nor the 1st to said to have been born of a virgin. Your middle eastern book of BS pulled from many other religions. The Bible was written hundreds of years AFTER its events. No one even knows who wrote each book. You’re absurd.


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