Pitter patter let’s get at er shirt

Pitter patter let’s get at er shirt



That’s a good one. I lived in Europe for 13 years and that narrative is simply false. What is wrong with you people? Do you think poverty should be a death sentence? Do you belong to some weird Calvinist cult that thinks having a lot of money is evidence of virtue that God is rewarding you for? Of those of you who call yourself Christians, what do you have in common with Jesus? From what I remember he wasn’t self-righteous, parsimonious with the little he had, or bigoted. It’s one of the things that baffled me about Evangelicals being so enthusiastic about Trump. But I guess Christian means something different to them than it does to me. And your point is that even during a virulent, highly contagious period where public health is at high-risk people like you just hafta be ‘lowed to go swaggering into blue state capitals to spit in the Pitter patter let’s get at er shirt of first responders, healthcare workers, etc. Gotcha. Dang, you just keep gettin’ dumber with every post. Not showing symptoms for about a couple of weeks is not the same as proof of non-infection. In fact, it’s typical. That’s why people are supposed to be social distancing. You’re welcome. Hurry up, must be a Trump rally somewhere you can rub groins with other ignorant wusses. David Guthrie I’ve heard there’s a ton of YouTube videos for correcting reading-comprehension issues as you are displaying. Make good use of your quarantine time, better than spitting at security guards as your buddies enjoy doing during their “freedom of assembly” protests. David Moore All men are created equal, even you. Assault weapons aren’t in the constitution, either. Just because you pay your bills, doesn’t mean your mother should die on a sidewalk for lack of healthcare. BTW, we live in a democratic republic.


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