Picard Riker 2020 make it so shirt

Picard Riker 2020 make it so shirt



People say that the Picard Riker 2020 make it so shirt on drugs is BS but it will not stop them from voting for Joe Biden who helped pass legislation that used the war on drugs to expand corporate prisons on the backs of black Americans. Love Aclu but minor complaint, I don’t think your posts need to include profanity. Leave that to us internet trolls posting on pro-trump websites. You hire the best and the brightest, you defend our liberties in front of the highest courts, and I just personally think your posts should reflect those exceptionally high standards and history. As the cases of COVID-19 continues to rise, so are the positive COVID-19 cases in the homeless population. We need to shelter the homeless immediately. This is a worldwide emergency affecting all of us. We need hotel rooms to be made available to the homeless population. Please help circulate this message by signing and sharing this petition on social media. You do NOT have to donate if you don’t want to but please sign the petition and share so that we can get this message out to lawmakers. It is not racist to say the CCP caused this pandemic to be much worse than it needed to be by withholding vital information from the world and covering up the scale of infections and deaths. Yeah but at the same time you can’t cover up the recent history that the CCP, not the people mind you, are responsible for covering up the initial spread of the virus and human transmission since November of last year, allowing the pandemic to spread. Even today they censure research, spread misinformation, and hide key data about the virus. It would be wrong to scapegoat Asian Americans, but it’s true to place the blame on the CCP and the authoritarian regime responsible for COVID-19.


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