Pew pew shirt

Pew pew shirt



How many have you taken in? Put your money where your mouth is. And what about the Pew pew shirt of some of these people coming here illegally? What about their rights. I think if you sneak here, you should have no rights, let alone rights to milk our social program. And wanting legal immigration is not racist. Our country is NOT being destroyed ..Americans deserve secure borders. Being poor is not a reason to sneak or come here. Cheryl Lahniers what about all the mass murderers born and raised in the USA? Where is your anger at them? Homegrown terrorists, do they get a pass for being born America? Does your president get a pass for being a sick, racist, rapist, pedophile because he is a so-called American? Worry more about the president selling out our Country. Do u see Americans working the fields so you get all your vegetables, how many Americans do you see cutting your grass or cleaning your homes? I bet you can count them on one hand. That’s why the pos president hires all illegals to work his failing Hotels. John Cunningham actually, I was a republican until sheep like you voted a conman into the white house. it’s racist, bigoted people like you who are destroying our country. you are NOT one bit better than any of the people who are trying to immigrate here for want of a better life. you have no right to sit in judgment of them. if anyone is unamerican and doesn’t support our democratic constitution, it’s keyboard bullies like you who hide behind a conman who talks big and has FAILED at everything in his life. he has ruined our country. I hope karma finds you soon. These people are here because where they traveled from is unlivable. If you think this is all going to end, you are wrong. There will be more and more refugees who are displaced by rising ocean waters, war, famine due to drought and floods and the U.S. intervening in governments for its own goals. You would do the same if you or your family’s life was in danger, you can’t tread water indefinitely, your neighborhood was taken over by drug gangs and the National Guard, or in our case, we couldn’t get any bars on our latest cell phones. Dig a little deeper and find out how to make the places where refugees come from livable, so they don’t come here to bother you.


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