Pew pew madafakas shirt

Pew pew madafakas shirt



It would be amazing if law-abiding people did not have to live in fear of police. This is even worse for people of color but is a problem for all people. Having said that most police seem to want to do good. We need to get rid of the bad apples and offer more education and support for the good ones. Protecting bad officers makes everyone less safe. Until the good start speaking up and out against this they are all bad, anyone of the others could have picked that man up and put him in the police cruiser at any time and stopped this. They didn’t they just stood by and watched. All four murderers should be sent directly to prison. How hard do you have to knee someone‚Äôs neck to cut off their airway? The poor man was already restrained. It was murder. “officers were able to get the suspect into handcuffs and the officers noticed the male was going into medical distress,” Minneapolis police spokesman John Elder said”. On the Pew pew madafakas shirt it is clear that the suspect wasn’t breathing anymore and yet the arresting officer did not move his knee until EMS arrived and his lifeless body was thrown on the gurney, like an animal. I am so disgusted with this incident. I think all police policers should have an extensive psychological test. They have power over human lives. Most are good people but there are some who are bullies and dangerous. so horrifying. Anyone that speaks out is ridiculed or fired. They protect the blue line. They lie for each other every fucking day. Cops are not special and most today don’t even have the proper mentality for the job. If cops are so trustworthy, why do they all have locks on their lockers in the police station? We need to stop treating cops as fucking heroes. They do a job and a plumber is just as much a hero if your house is flooding.


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