Person woman man camera tv shirt

Person woman man camera tv shirt


It is quite simple: if people have hope of a safe life, in which they have decent jobs that pay enough to provide the basics and a few extras sometimes, then they have no Person woman man camera tv shirt to get involved in crime. Then only the truly evil turn to crime and the majority live law-abiding lives. Do you know that policing isn’t in the top 10 most dangerous professions in the U.S.? Logging is the most dangerous profession and fishing is the second most dangerous profession. Driving a truck is more dangerous than policing. Saying that “until kids are brought up properly by their parents we need the police” whitewashes the systematic way in which black families are broken up by police, who arrest black men more often than white men, and then blaming the single-parent black mom for the condition in which she finds herself, alone and trying to make a home in a world that won’t let her get educated, or advance in her job, you see? It’s not just victim-blaming, it’s blaming black victims. They’re the people that you want the police to deal with. Take a gander at the proportion of black men to white men in prison, compared to their proportionate representation in the population. I don’t get some of the comments on here. No one wants to abolish the police. We want better-trained officers, better services for communities where officers are there to help and guide and even to know our communities better. To protect and serve. And to offer other and better services for things like mental illness. We don’t need cops with tanks and body armor every time we call 911. And we don’t need to call 911 for every true or perceived emergency. When I see people type all lives matter. I know right away they have missed the ENTIRE message. I think we need more time talking and trying to understand people’s situations, views, backgrounds. Instead of just sitting behind a keyboard with our false bravery and ignorance and emotional baggage, screaming at one another. She linked to an NYT article that explains police abolition. She was not a Trump supporter. Abolition is a methodical, careful shifting of resources from police departments. I encourage you to read the article. It’s not what you think it is, I promise. She was 100% not a conspiracy nut. We’re all learning and unlearning every day through credible news sources


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