Perhaps this is the moment for which

Perhaps this is the moment for which



Where the hell has she been? Schools are closed across the country and she has not attempted to give one bit of guidance as someone in her position. Yet, she comes out from under her rock to abuse undocumented college students? She is a shepherd for the devil! Juanita Thomas Carroll screws you what part of undocumented don’t you people get it’s the same thing as illegal. When our own kids can’t get free college tuition and extra aid why should they? until our kids get the same treatment in the country they legally belong to then it is how I will feel. No more given to illegal immigrants that we won’t give to our own. Jane Kimmel, She always went to private schools and has no idea what to do with public education. She is just happy to receive a massive salary and do nothing important or constructive. just like Trump. Jeff la Bass yes, everyone should have to ask why you would reward bad behavior. Illegals have broken the Perhaps this is the moment for which. There is no denying that. So yes, anyone with integrity or even honesty had to ask, why you would extend benefits to someone who does not qualify and has no right to them. If you can actually make a case, go for it. You need to make a case of illegals breaking the law first. As you said, go for it, and quoting Fox doesn’t count. Actual experience and not he said, she said. The thing is that when if she is ever gasping for air in need of a vent, chances are an immigrant will intubate her with kindness and mercy! Gregory Susoreny as well as the fact that where is it right that these illegals get a free college that they won’t even give to true citizens.there are many legal American children that could truly use free college and they say no, here comes some kids that should not even be in this country and it’s here some free schooling that we won’t even give our own children that belong here.what the hell kinda sense does it make to educate foreign kids and keep ours uneducated. Mike White undocumented students pay the same, if not more because depending on the state they may pay double, fees for tuition that citizen students of states do and usually out of pocket. The resources that those fees and tuition payments are used both by noncitizens and citizens and yet they are not allowed respite in a situation that has caused setbacks for students as a general population?


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