Pennywise McDonald’s I’m lovin shirt



Pennywise McDonald’s I’m lovin shirt 

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The Climate is always changing…Socialism and Globalism leadership are out to steal resources. They are using Climate Change as a tool to further their agenda. They have proven themselves to be murders, dictators, and World dominators who we will never be able to be vote out…our “home” will be worse off. The Earth will regenerate..oppression will kill our souls. Keep in mind, the Republicans lowered taxes for the rich and then added tariffs on products from China and other Pennywise McDonald’s I’m lovin shirt . Who pays for the tariffs? Not China or the other countries. The Americans who buy the products pay for them – that’s you, and me, and small businesses. The Republicans have pushed Trickle Down economics since Reagan was president but it doesn’t work. Nothing trickles down to the middle or lower class and the deficit always explodes when the Republicans are in charge. Think about it and ask yourself this – do the Republicans really have your best interests at heart, or do they only care about their rich friends?


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