Peanuts Queen shirt

Peanuts Queen shirt



I agree we shouldn’t let out violent criminals, but since mass incarceration is a real thing, maybe letting out folks who were wrongfully convicted and folks who committed non-violent crimes and got exaggerated sentences due to minimum sentencing and “tough on crime” laws, could help thin out the prison population and undo some of the injustice? If they paid their dues to society then they should be able to live. We cannot condemn them forever. People make mistakes. They are untitled to live drive a car, get housing, and get a Peanuts Queen shirt. Why shouldn’t they be able to live after paying the price for whatever they did? Now I don’t be hardcore criminals like murderers or rapists. I mean none violent crimes. At least not happening in California, Dpss will help them with food assistance, EBT, free medical and sometimes free motel for few days but drive license law is same for everyone, regardless if you are criminal or not if you don’t pay your tickets or unpaid court debt you won’t get drivers license. I never understood why the nation refuses to rehabilitate people. How can we expect people to be self-sufficient if we bar them from being employable? Sorry, I don’t agree with letting criminals free at all. They deserve nothing because they’ve taken away something from someone in some horrifying way. We should treat our veterans, our elderly, and our children better than these people deserve nothing but the proper sentence they got. There’s a lot of assumptions in your statement, but no matter what these are still people. You understand that poverty with no chance of a future breeds hopelessness which leads to crime. I’d rather we spend energy on breaking the cycle and creating opportunities to allow prisoners back into society.


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