Peanuts 70th anniversary thank you for the memories shirt

Peanuts 70th anniversary thank you for the memories shirt



Jim Murray no he was & always was called a racist while living in NYC. His family was known to cheat and scam and refuse lawful tenants to the drumpf building if they did not have the “correct” pigment. Drumpf cheated hard-working people out of their money. Lawsuits from construction firms are on the record. Homeowners and business owners are typically going to be citizens. So yes. They have every right the people on this page are chanting they don’t have. If ICE shows up at your door or place of business because of an anonymous tip do you expect to be treated without rights? Darcel Kashdan Weldon, I am not wrong. If you are a homeowner and are a US Peanuts 70th anniversary thank you for the memories shirt you do not have to allow entry or search on your property without a warrant. That’s a fact. Maybe look it up. To help you understand: If you are a homeowner, and somebody says they think you have illegal aliens in your home you reserve the right to deny entry by ICE agents and law enforcement without a warrant. You are not required to allow them to search your property based on hearsay. Darcel Kashdan Weldon, Your comprehension of what I have said and basic laws for search and seizure along with your instance on arguing over a black and white law is what is pathetic. Nowhere did I state the OWNER of either the home or business is NOT a US citizen. It does not matter if there is in fact a non citizen in your home or business. If you are a US citizen and own either a business or home officials cannot search either or gain entry without a warrant. You do not have to grant them permission to enter the premises without one. It’s a simple concept really. So go troll somebody who doesn’t know honey. Kris Hanks what part of Legal do you not get!? Humane? About 30% of the children brought over the border don’t belong to the people taking them here. Spare me your moral superiority. We have Borders, we have Laws. Don’t you like it?! Venezuela has your ideas down pat.


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