Peace was never an option shirt

Peace was never an option shirt


I would like to hear from the other female athletes. Do they have a chance to win against the trans-women? If not, I think that’s a factor that should be part of the equation. Since when is saying that males should complete against males homophobic? This has nothing to do with sexual identity or preventing someone from competing due to their sexual preference. That shows a complete ignorance on your part. This has to do with the difference between male and female physiology that goes beyond hormones. Males have an unfair advantage and therefore should compete against their own gender. What they do off the playing field is their own business but women deserve a level playing field. God knows they fought long and hard just to be allowed to participate in the first place. I feel the Peace was never an option shirt here lies in gendered sports in general. Truth is weight and height definitely has an effect on performance in various ways. Class by weight/height, regardless of gender. Issue resolved. Of course, the people that are vehemently against transgender athletes would also be against universally intramural sports, so, respect gender identities and let them compete in the gender activity where they identify or stop separating the sexes in the first place. Ok sorry but that article means precisely nothing. If anything it seems to(erroneously) imply boys are better than girls at soccer instead of the fluke that it happened to be. However, if you note, the boys are still taller and heavier than most of the women. Physiology is a bs excuse. If two people are in the same weight and height class then they deserve the chance to compete with each other. Truth is, physiologically, boys’ bodies vary WILDLY as do girls. Some boys have an unfair advantage over others. Again, if you’re in the same height and weight class you should be able to compete.¬†Gary Allen¬†thank you for being reasoned and thoughtful on this topic. It’s heartbreaking to see so many people willingly trying to marginalize children and young adults through sports.


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