Peace love cure multiple sclerosis awareness shirt

Peace love cure multiple sclerosis awareness shirt



Historically, insurance companies included, power over women’s bodies > profit. These guys love their money, but they love power over women even more, and many will support them in that because power over women isn’t limited by income–the poorest poor man can still have power over women. In their economy. Danielle Marie wow again you only see what you want to. Are trying to abortion banned Ummm big fat nope. Just Christians that think they belong In anyone’s life when they don’t. Danielle Marie in other countries Muslim women still have abortions but yeah, it’s illegal. And here Muslim women do what they want because we don’t have sharia law here. Well, we do but it’s Christians who keep implementing it. Maggie Concannon lol no they don’t, I live in Dearborn Michigan. They would be killed. Here, should I bring my Muslim girlfriends in on this conversation? If you really believe that then you clearly don’t know about the religion. Kyle Pierce, You think abortion is murder than don’t have one. Oh, that’s right. You can’t. The only Peace love cure multiple sclerosis awareness shirt that belongs to my vagina is mine. This is all about controlling women. Because I’m sure you’d have no problem with them making laws telling you what you could and could not do now wouldn’t you? Literally can’t be murder. Murder is a legal term meaning the unlawful killing of a person with malice and forethought. Abortion doesn’t fit the criteria, as fetuses are not persons, abortion is legal, and no one is getting impregnated with the intention of having an abortion procedure. Die mad about it, twitpickle. Simon Johnson Oh look, another missionary man who doesn’t understand that having sex with your legs closed is one of the greatest things a woman can do. We’re sorry you can’t get laid. But what does that have to do with pregnancy? You can still get pregnant when you have sex with your legs closed, spanking.


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