Peace love cure diabetes awareness shirt

Peace love cure diabetes awareness shirt



Leslie Peterson We have some of the most advanced automotive safety technology in the world, and there are still tens of thousands of car crashes in this country every day. Just fucking stop that nonsense. Accidents happen.  Valerie Fahey yes – insurance plans that employees pay into. Money is deducted from our paychecks and matched by our employer for our health insurance. I’m sure the men in the Peace love cure diabetes awareness shirt don’t like paying for gynecological visits either – why should everyone pay the same if they don’t all use the same medical services? It’s not fair. Terry Aneilia Barishek What the fuck are you even talking about? Do you think I want to participate in lung cancer treatments for someone who still smokes? Good God you people are ridiculous. Terry Aneilia Barishek That isn’t how insurance works. If you want to pay less in insurance, you would request that all insurance pays for abortions, it’s far cheaper than labor and delivery. Or, did you just come to bitch? Terry Aneilia Barishek There are lots of procedures that insurance provides, but of which you do not avail yourself. YOUR insurance is not more expensive because it covers abortion, any more than mine would be for covering prostate cancer. I am currently in the midst of a high-risk shit show of pregnancy and let me tell you. If I get pregnant after this I will gut myself openly without a second thought. I will not allow myself to be pregnant again. They’re treating women like second class citizens again and ppl are gonna die. Norberto Navarro, maybe you should read up on coat hanger abortions before wish those days return. Your lack of awareness is stunning and typical. Maybe you could do the anti-abortion crowd a good and proper turn by advocating vasectomies! It’s cheaper, has a much faster recovery time, and you know what, there will never ever be a single woman protesting your right to choose. Go figure!


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