Peace love and Grinch shirt

Peace love and Grinch shirt


Grew up in Wisconsin. The year we came to Indiana was the last summer they hit. (You see them between because not all die off right away and some because of their hibernation cycle being off). I remember the sound being almost deafening how loud and being scared. My stepdad had a good laugh when he told me to go look up in the tree and it was FILLED with them. I didn’t play outside in the evenings the whole summer. They don’t have a mouth or digestive tract at the stage when they emerge. They are just interested in mating and laying eggs. They are harmless, noisy, and food for birds and other wildlife. They do damage tree branches when they lay their eggs in thin branches. I remember my first time in Tennessee about 3 yrs ago we pulled into town and all we could hear was this screeching sound coming from the Peace love and Grinch shirt so I pulled into a Taco Bell and ask a cashier what is in the trees and it was the cicadas. I was felt like I was in a horror film. Live in Illinois. We get a different type of cicadas every few years. They are loud but not in a scary way. We had them last year and my kids had a blast finding and collecting their shells (they shed them when they grow). We also got to see one coming out of its shell. I like them. They are an interesting insect! I traveled to the Midwest for a work assignment a few years ago. I’m from California and we don’t have Cicadas here. They sound like an electric buzz to me, very loud. Anytime you’re outdoors it’s just a constant humming. It drove my coworker crazy the time we were there. Murder Hornets migrating to an unusual place for them and now millions of cicadas, this sounds like an episode of Zoo and it didn’t end well for them


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