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What would the US do if a civil war broke out in Mexico and resulted in the mass influx of refugees into the US? What would happen if a militia group hostile to the US emerged and vowed to annex Hispanic majority regions in the south? What would the US do if it became apparent that those militias have ties to terrorist groups that committed terrorist attacks in mainland US? The US would invade Mexico to dismantle those militias and restore order to mitigate and gradually “drain the swamp”. Anyone that supports Trump has blood on their hands. Our president turn his back on our allies! isis will grow again more Terrorist attack headed our way. And why did he do this? For his own interest and to listen to Russia also. For 3yrs CNN and all the other leftist mainstream media have done nothing but bash, batter and assault President Trump non-stop yet the man keeps going strong. I’m just here picturing the emotional meltdown that’s going to unfold when Trump wins again in 2020. It’s going to be epic to watch. Edward Leal no trumps mouth and actions don’t have anything to do with it. The media is not your enemy the guy that tells you not to trust your own eyes and ears is your enemy. This President has acted in the best interest of Americans from day one. It is the Democrats who have done nothing except try to find ways to overthrow our great President, whom we elected to do a job. Let him do his Orgasm donor shirt! Edward Leal what we in the rest of the world know is that you are dead wrong. His supporters, his base, are as guilty as he is for every abhorrent horrific thing he does. They knew exactly who and what he was before they elected him. They set this in motion. They all have blood on their hands. And yes, this means YOU.


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