Operation enduring clusterfuck covid 19 2020 shirt

Operation enduring clusterfuck covid 19 2020 shirt




Rodelin Dapena Palmer my Constitution and definitely my tax dollars don’t apply to them. I could be funding college for my kids, but no, my tax dollars are funding Juan Illegal alien and his family’s house, food, medical, education, and college…at the expense of my family. Fuck that. Fuck you. Fuck illegal aliens. Deport or execute as foreign invaders engaged in the act of war called invasion of a sovereign nation. The founders would be stacking the bodies of illegal aliens like cordwood, as we should be doing now so they know invaders will be met with death. Immigration immediately solved once that policy begins. Bet you don’t sneak into Iran illegally and come out alive. Why should the US be called racist for securing their borders against invaders when no other nation is? Fuck you liberal commie scum! Caroline Maday The vast majority are not asylum seekers, man you people are so uninformed I can hardly stand it. The few that are, need only apply at ports of entry, they don’t because they KNOW they do not qualify. Patrick Loftus Where did you get the idea breaking federal immigration law is a misdemeanor?
You do understand those he is referencing have been deported multiple times for felonies and keep returning over and over again. By the way, aiding an illegal immigrant is also a felony. All those people working with organizations like Soros open society to help them come here, are felons. And those that helped those groups to try to bring them here en-mass, have the blood of the children and women that have died by the hundreds and enslaved in the sex trade for years on their hands, by supporting the Cartels. They are the worse sort of felons and the scum of the earth, other than the Cartels and gangs. Ramsilay OC oh there are so many ways I could tear your argument apart but I have neither the time or the crayons right now. I’m busy doing my job so Operation enduring clusterfuck covid 19 2020 shirt can steal my money and give it to illegals who broke federal law and shouldn’t even be in my country, regardless of nationality.


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