On the naughty list and I regret nothing shirt

On the naughty list and I regret nothing shirt



Audrey Ana Wells pretty sure the point of gender on government documents is to identify if you have a penis or vagina and not what you think you might prefer to have that day. I think you’re confused. This doesn’t say the On the naughty list and I regret nothing shirt CAN’T ID your gender and/or sex, but that you have a third option. No one is outlawing calling men or women, just making it easier to stop shoving the rest into being called men or women. Kate Mangan and I get it and I personally don’t care if you want to call yourself a two-horned rhino. I am just pointing out that this has legal/ structural implications and we’ll have to deal with those. Stefanie Roby That’s not an amber alert and still a strange reason to be against something so important to people who are discriminated against. Do you realize that for people who are transgender or intersex having their gender or sex misidentified on id can create a life-threatening situation for them? Audrey Leiker Dont gets mad at the truth because that in itself makes you a fool, I personally don’t gaf what someone wants to be but I won’t call you something you are not. That’s it, its that simple. But like I said don’t get mad at the truth. And yet, if we say so and refuse to let border agents search out devices, who wants to bet on how many times we’ll get pulled aside and stuck in the little room until we miss our flight? But with your ban, and everyone else’s, what a nightmare to get flights that don’t transit in the US. I have had tons of friends drive down and fly out of SeaTac instead of Vancouver. I lock my phone to the code (disabling face unlock) when entering the country. They are welcome to hold onto it and try to unlock it (or pay a company to) – not because there’s anything on the phone that’s illegal or embarrassing- but my medical stuff and my credit card information is on it.


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