OMG please make it stop 2020 shirt

OMG please make it stop 2020 shirt



We also have the right to commerce. Every day we can’t work is a day we can’t pay bills as well. Accounting for a “rainy day” is responsible. Accounting for a worldwide recession has never been in our budgets. Every decent financial planner advises you to have 6 months’ worth of living expenses in savings in cash. That’s to bridge a recession or long periods of unemployment. I understand that for many working people in this country, that is unachievable. I know of the systemic OMG please make it stop 2020 shirt regarding pay not having kept up with inflation, nor minimum wage. We might see a correction of that in the coming years if we fight hard for it. It’s long overdue. If you had supported the right to individually bear arms, like it is written in the constitution, in the list of “individual” unalienable rights, then you would not have to be watching so closely, would you? They closed our polling location and we had to drive to the next town to vote in the primary. I am not allowed to vote because I have no party affiliation. How is this called a free nation? Some states have open primaries, others have semi-open primaries. The CA Democratic party has a semi-open primary that allows NPP voters to vote in their primary. Others, you literally just go up and ask for that party’s ballot. For once, I would like to see an actual ACLU member respond as they put up the posts and never reply to anyone. Baiting people much? Wake up and realize you are all sheep following an organization that panders only to their pockets and nothing more. There are far more important things they could be addressing. But please, go on about your self thought out the narcissistic leader. Let me guess, not your president?


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