Oh the places you’ll go when you read shirt

Oh the places you’ll go when you read shirt



they are not based on religious moral beliefs. I know you refuse to recognize the difference but people can be moral without religion, and religions can be immoral. Can you please show what religion, and what government based law on that religion that proves you horribly misleading example? “Holding a gun to a man’s head, forcing him to allow his wife to spill the blood of his children because of some beliefs about morality is just law based on bad religious beliefs.” You live in a world where religious belief is inescapable. You cannot express any moral claim without exposing your beliefs and the worldview behind those beliefs. Humanism is a religion. People actually believe they can attain blessings in life by spilling the blood of their little ones. And it’s not just individuals, whole countries like China believe this false gospel of prosperity attained by committing genocide. You are relying on beliefs that humans are different than animals. That murder is immoral. You are relying on presuppositions about what a human should do and how we should equally protect one another. When you claim murdering babies is ok, you’re relying on another set of beliefs as this video so clearly shows. Enjoy judging people, it seems like it is your hobby. I will leave you to your little corner of the world. Give you one last ti[, if you stopped trying to force religious beliefs on people they might take you seriously. To everyone with comprehension problems: he already had the surgery booked. It was not an issue of “couldn’t” or they never would have set up the appointment. It was an issue of them refusing to do the surgery, specifically, on him. Kathy Davis, are you arguing that maybe the Oh the places you’ll go when you read shirt didn’t know how to do the surgery, and thus saying the hospital doesn’t know what surgeries it offers? Especially if the doctor only found out the day right before what surgery they were going to perform? Or are you arguing that financing decided not to cover the surgery? Even though he was able to get the surgery somewhere else?


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