Obsession Exo signature shirt

Obsession Exo signature shirt



Kenny Pierre If you had been literate enough, you would have read far more than that single line as I pointed out that the odds are far more complex than the fraudulent misinformation you and the ACLU have provided regarding this issue. But then, as I said, your lack of honor, lack of ethics, lack of education, and lack of intelligence is displayed in your lack of any valid counterargument. You have no valid counterargument to the complex factors that are involved in determining the odds that would be used in this issue. Quite frankly, you appear to be as much a simpleton as the Traitor Trump and his supporters. And your little laughter emojis are nothing more than a further sign of a mentally ill individual who thinks his simpleton nature makes them a genius. You really should seek mental health support for yourself before you harm yourself or someone else. The red flags you and other paranoid conspiracy theorists are really beginning to explain your excessive fear of being watched everywhere you go. Maybe you should make a new tin foil hat so people know the threat you pose so they know to have their cameras at the ready. Yesterday I chatted with an active duty service person who told me she is not allowed to use fingerprint access, do any facetime, or post pictures of herself. She is issued a phone with these Obsession Exo signature shirt turned off. Interesting. Barbara Breckenridge Dunn that’s because she has a security clearance. If her phone were taken from her or she was captured they could easily access her phone. Facial recognition can’t tell between a picture and a person. David Weinshenker I’ve tried to access my cousin’s phones with photos, (and each other’s faces). It definitely can tell that a photo is not a person’s face, and doesn’t unlock it.. that wouldn’t exactly be secure if it just took a photo of someone to unlock a phone. Pretty sure that’s a pretty common thing to try, too. I doubt a sleeping face would unlock it either, as our muscles are different when we are asleep. Now a wax sculpture might do the trick… but good luck testing that theory.


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