Nudes are so 2017 send me money shirt

Nudes are so 2017 send me money shirt



I would agree with that. So long as they fulfill their obligation as the gender they enlisted under. I don’t like what Obama did because I think it should have been thought out better. I strongly object to what Trump did because service members have a right to a sense of security about their job and where they stand. His tweets undermined morale and put undue pressure on individuals in the ranks. People serving their country shouldn’t be pushed and pulled in opposite directions this way. Scott Monroe Crossdressing is when you dress as a gender not your own. Since trans women are women, the military forcing them to dress as men in the military forced them to crossdress. The reverse is true for trans men. John Grosso Hi! Trans woman here. You are factually wrong because although the DoD defines fit for duty, they are subject to the Nudes are so 2017 send me money shirt, which the ACLU fights for in court. Furthermore, you have not backed up your opinion on why transgender people should be forced to remain as their gender assigned at birth, and you have been frequently name-calling people who disagree with you. The uncivil one here is you. Evangelina Artman. You’re wrong. I respond to people in kind. There’s only one person in this thread that I haven’t been civil with. I also never stated trans people should be forced to do anything. Read my comments again. If you enlist and are accepted as gender, you fulfill your obligation to the military as that gender. If unable to do so, it’s you who is default on that contract. I said I wasn’t civil with this person. You don’t comprehend what you read. Not wasting my time. When you stop your car at a red traffic light, no one forces you to do this. It’s part of a contract you make when you get a driver’s license. Your “logic” is convoluted.


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