not settling for anyone dusty ass son shirt

not settling for anyone dusty ass son shirt



Matthew Stamas, I agree with most of that. I still hold out hope that people who are old enough to vote to possess the maturity to take part in an adult conversation with tact and civility, especially when we live in such a divided country where much change is needed..there is more common ground than people think, but they’re so focused on name-calling and senseless bullsh*t, that real conversation doesn’t have a chance to even start.. how many problems could be solved if we weren’t so fearful of a differing opinion? I could easily block or report everyone, but that would make me part of the problem and a bit of a hypocrite. Do I like the childish unproductive nonsense? Of course not, but we live in a country where we ALL are supposed to have freedom of speech. I’ll stand up for what I believe, even if I stand alone. Add in the fact that opinions don’t HAVE to be fact-based. The very definition of the word opinion, a view or judgment formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge, states that. EVERYONE’S not settling for anyone dusty ass son shirt are equally bullshit to anyone that has a different opinion unless the other person is open-minded enough to listen to a why. This is complete bullshit. Saying “sandpaper is made from babies” and “chocolate ice cream is better than strawberry” are two completely different things. One can be neither true nor false – the other is objectively provably false. An opinion isn’t valid just because it’s yours. Falsehoods masquerading as opinions are one of the reasons “fake news” has been so successful. It allows everyone the ability to believe what they want, without having to face the uncomfortable reality that they are, in fact, completely 100% provably wrong.


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