Not all heroes wear capes my daughter wears scrubs shirt

Not all heroes wear capes my daughter wears scrubs shirt



Hello, I come to you with hopes that you would spread this Truth around. You have a heavy following I don’t and this is serious. What there calling a virus or anyone it’s the g5 network that the health board science November told them not to deploy out because of the harmful effects it has on humans. You can do your reset beforehand. Search up dangers of g5 then you’ll see that what it posses to the human body to s what there calling a virus. Then search up the 5 countries they deployed it in which right off back would be China then so forth as a t began were in China. The news media is going Al ng with this why I don’t know but we already know how they work propaganda. In all of these places where people are so-called catching the virus these boxes where out in place even after the health board told them not hopefully you’ll take this asset ous as I do for what our president is doing betters to keep him in the chair what more to do so to make everyone think there’s a deadly virus out. Aids hit no lockdown malaria no lockdown Ebola no lockdown. Please just search the facts as I don’t d and you’ll see urself that what there calling a virus is simply just a network Not all heroes wear capes my daughter wears scrubs shirt the -g5 what it does is it produces radiation that absorbs the air our hemoglobin is what carries oxygen to our main organs when you inhale this it cause CVC a respiratory infection killing ur metabolism cells which stop oxygen to your brain heart and lungs please do a video about this so the American people will know there’s no epidemic, please. The last thing we want is democracy. We’re a representative republic. And you people aware crying 2 weeks ago, that Trump doing what should be done is “racist, xenophobic, and hateful”, but now you want the worthless property called Congress to do something? What exactly, do you want to be done, now that they blocked prevention of it?


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