Nope really not a hugger shirt



Nope really not a hugger shirt

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So one customer controls how Golden Corral operates? If I were the manager, and that person bitched, I would’ve asked THEM to leave. Jesus Christ. If I have to see fat guys without shirts at the beach, than people can deal with cleavage.Years ago. After walking to work in my tennis shoes, I was in the employee lounge putting on my dress boots. The HR manager was there. Next day she calls me in to tell me I must wear pantyhose. Even with dress slacks and boots. Company policy. I whip out my handbook show her the dress code and told her it is not. It says hosiery must be worn at all times… men and women no difference. So If she was telling me I had to wear pantyhose then the Nope really not a hugger shirt did too. So she could fire me or transfer me to stock. I was transferred and got a substantial raise… side note her best friend at the place of business always wore ruffled ankle socks with her little high heel shoes and short skirts so I know I was being harrassed.


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