No tomo porque mi mama me pega shirt

No tomo porque mi mama me pega shirt



How can a non-citizen be sworn into service for our No tomo porque mi mama me pega shirt? Anyone wanting to serve should be a citizen before they leave basic training. At the very least, citizenship should be automatic with an honorable discharge. It was an unfortunate accident. Unintentionally he killed them. He had a medical condition. Read the details before you lay judgment on him. It is sad about what happened. However, it could have happened to any of us. Ray Gonzales people don’t read all the details of the incident. Therefore they write whatever they want. I don’t know him. At all. However, I am trying to be objective about it. I am quite sure he feels horrible about the tragedy and wishes he didn’t have to go through all of this. Let us all be objective and honest about it, please. Accidents are accidents but when I read crossing the median along with inattentive driving I’d say he’s responsible for involuntary manslaughter and if I was a juror I’d recommend 2 years there’s no legitimate reason why he shouldn’t go to jail. I’ve taken into account that the children were not wearing seatbelts as well, it’s very tragic for both parties. Gin Rich he isn’t being “left alone”. He is still looking at 14 years if he gets in more trouble. No drugs or alcohol involved, no cell phone distractions. It’s fare. Another life ruined won’t help anything. It’s a civil matter. Imagine if it was icey and this happened. Would you blame the driver for his car going sliding and crashing into another car and killing someone? No. You wouldn’t. Things happen.


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