No Lives matter shirt

No Lives matter shirt



James Rimes, It’s not sexist. Adults understand that they have unique risks when they have sexual intercourse. Women risk an unwanted pregnancy and the need to make a tough decision. Men risk an unwanted pregnancy and the possibility that they will not be included in that decision. Grow up and understand your unique risk. Janie, the moment sperm leaves a prospective father’s body, it ceases to be within the scope of his bodily autonomy. If that sperm results in pregnancy in another individual, that individual is the one who decides how to handle that pregnancy. Period. Bodily autonomy is very clear. But you aren’t arguing for bodily autonomy. You’re arguing about owning another person, literally and figuratively. What an odd position to embrace. No amount of money permits you to make decisions about another person’s body. I know this concept is pretty new for certain people, but you don’t control others. James Rimes Using your logic women should be able to force meant to marry them if they become pregnant by them. I don’t think you want to have that conversation. You’re right, except you have it a little backward. Your choice to play unprotected and risk pregnancy with your partner. Your money to help pay for the well-being of partner and offspring if she keeps it or the No Lives matter shirt if your partner chooses that. A woman doesn’t get pregnant on her own. Stacy Sanders Well Stacy, just consider that my entire generation is going to be carrying you on our backs when you reach retirement age. You are welcome for the social security check and Medicaid. I don’t think you have any right to that portion of my paycheck. You should have fought harder against the officials you elected who kept dipping into social security because your contribution is gone now. So no, its not a right to get free stuff but maybe you could be a little more generous since you’ll be dependent on us someday when your retirement runs out and your kids can’t afford the 50k a year to keep you in a home


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