No bra no painties shirt

No bra no painties shirt



I know greater minds than mine have suggested it many times, but that’s the root No bra no painties shirt, so speaking up on the bus – while also a good – is treating a symptom rather than the disease. I remember when the ACLU fought against its existence 18 years ago because we all knew this would be happening once it did. So here we are in a full-blown security state less than 20 years later. It would have helped not to have a totally complicit media obfuscating the questions of who was making fat bank off a fearful populace. And it’s still being obfuscated, but one can still – just like then – find all of that information. Follow the money. Always. CBP operates within 100 miles of the border, but there are still rules about needing to have a reason to stop you. And American citizens are not required to produce ID on demand if moving within the United States and not entering some type of security system. CBP will pretend you have to produce ID on demand, in reality, there is a specific group of green card holders that are required to produce ID on request per the terms of their green card. They are allowed to ask for ID, you are within your rights to say no. That’s exactly the opposite of what they are doing. They are promoting following the highest law of the land, the Constitution. I would like to think that maybe you’ve heard of it, though you don’t seem very familiar with it judging from your comment. The Constitution is the law and it has been repeatedly ruled and restated that you do not have to produce ID to exist in the United States. I can walk down the street, I can go into stores, I can cross state lines all without being stopped for ID. I do not have to provide the United States government where I am or where I am going. The restrictions on this are on based on public safety: driver’s license, or entering areas of increased security like courthouses or airports. Being on a bus is not a situation where legally I have to provide ID.


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