nin nickelback is neat shirt

nin nickelback is neat shirt



Your comprehension level is around a toddler. The “snowflakes” are fine hiding under their beds living off the government teet. The nin Nickelback is neat shirt is ready to go on with their lives. Virtually every single person on the planet will contract this virus. No use giving yourself an ulcer or bankrupting everyone because you are afraid to die. Do you consider the public is required to wear protective equipment and follow safety protocols worth fighting for as a civil right? This should be something our govt has already put in place for public safety. But since it has neglected to do so, we must now consider if it’s something we the people must fight for. While on the surface it limits freedom of movement, it’s due to very real safety reasons. No different than limiting peoples’ rights to murder freely, scam, cheat, steal, expose the public to harm, etc. You’re not the boss of me. If you want to wear a mask, do so, but don’t tell me what to do. And nobody has a right to murder anyone else, so don’t conflate this issue. Answer this: why don’t we have to wear masks during flu season? It kills people. Why didn’t we have to wear masks during the SARS coronavirus epidemic or H1N1? Those killed people. 98% of COVID infections are MILD. I’ve known several people who have had it, and they are all fine now. We should isolate and quarantine the sick, and let the healthy get back to work. If you’re scared, then stay home, wear a mask, whatever. But don’t you dare tell me what to do. So the Census sets federal funding levels, the more people in an area the more money you get from the federal government for schools, emergencies, etc. So you are very wrong, but if you are upset about paying too much in state taxes you should want the Census to count more people in your area decreases the amount your state needs to tax.


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