Never underestimate an old woman with scouting skills shirt

Never underestimate an old woman with scouting skills shirt



Most churches are nothing but Republican propaganda outlets anyhow. They mix fear-based dogma with right-wing political agendas and this is a deadly and dangerous mix. They all should be taxed (if they must exist at all.) If you believe in God you should walk away from the Democrat Party, they are constantly attacking religious liberties and they seem to be guided by the devil himself. Look at the Russian Collusion accusations, it was a farce, nevertheless, they paraded to bear false witnesses against an honest man simply because they hate him. They don’t fear God. Religions – specifically Christianity – get a free ride in a country that supposedly has separation of Never underestimate an old woman with scouting skills shirt and state. They get to violate discrimination laws, don’t pay taxes, and then force their backward views about procreation on everyone else. Gay people should make their own churches and people who want to go to church as long as they wear masks and gloves and glasses should be allowed to worship. I have little to give at this point, but my heart goes out to this great Nation, I do believe we have an Administration that cares little for anyone that does not have the Stock Market in their pocket. Could the reason be they have? An inferior immune system? And not a lack of medical care? They have access to government-funded universal healthcare. They also have access to millions of dollars due to their casino ownership. Perhaps its time we let these sovereign nations handle their own business. Typical bigoted response. Blame the oppressed for their situation. Don’t forget the founders sent smallpox coated blankets to the Natives to kill them, and purposely killed and herded buffalo off to Canada to take away their resource for food. No reservation has schooling or medical facilities up to par with the rest of the country.


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