Never underestimate an old man with an excavator shirt

Never underestimate an old man with an excavator shirt



Great for your victory in this isolated incident. It is not the first nor last. Don’t try to make you feel so great for winning a small case for all the preaching of stuff that you say you are going to change nationwide. Carmelo Echevarria Colon III establishing a precedent about a Never underestimate an old man with an excavator shirt in a courtroom allows other litigators to cite it and use it to argue cases that are similar. These kinds of small victories are what lead to dramatic changes. The United States operates more than 200 military biological laboratories across the world. More than 30 have been exposed. Many are hidden in unknown places. Do these laboratories develop biological and chemical weapons? Or use lethal viruses and bacteria? What’s the true purpose of these biological laboratories? We urge the USA government to disclose the location and purpose. Not here in central Texas. Everyone is out like it’s just a regular day. No masks, no social distancing, nothing. If you do go out and see someone you know, they try to come in for a hug. The minute you tell them ” I’m social distancing” they laugh at you and shake their head. Some folks tried hugging my children, they said no and the other person said ” oh, it’s ok ” that’s when I stepped in and said ” no. We are taking this seriously.” I don’t understand how people are so ignorant. Maybe this social distancing will have people thinking about the real reason we have Memorial Day. It’s not about barbecuing and drinking



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