Never underestimate an old man with a guitar shirt

Never underestimate an old man with a guitar shirt



Millions of people can’t just work. Not everyone gets stimulus checks. And the ones that do, it might help some, but for many its not enough. The people most at risk are senior citizens. If people are worried about getting the virus they need to stay home. By the volume, the virus is still progressing, but by the strength, it’s weakening considerably. There is one island in Croatia called Brač, where just recently one small place gets considerably large infections. Fortunately, the majority of positive infected people had very mild or no symptoms at all. And on that island usually, the older population lives. Hopefully, soon we could be able to say this is not the same virus as it was in March! I don’t think the world is ready for business, this crisis is far from over. But somehow people need to survive too, and they can only do that by going back to work. I think we need to trade carefully here, whilst we’re trying to make ends meet we must also ensure our safety. We need to move from a knee-jerk reaction to the measured response. We can’t remain closed forever, but we can take steps to minimize the risk. it seems to be either/or right now and that seems like the exact wrong response at this juncture. Clark Pope – you lack comprehension skills. I said the food vouchers were for people who file for unemployment. The food vouchers are the non-essential workers that lost their Never underestimate an old man with a guitar shirt. The essential workers have NOT filed for unemployment because they are still employed. Those farm laborers that are drastically underpaid and treated so poorly are essential workers. When our nation is finally safe from COVID-19; every essential worker should get a raise to ensure they are all getting a living wage. Loans and debt payments can be sorted out afterward with the payments added to the end of the loan. We need concentrated efforts on food water, shelter, clothing, and medical. Haircuts and eating out can wait. Small businesses will be able to get zero percent interest loans to get going again. Stop crying wolf about the economy.


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