Never underestimate an old man with a drum set shirt

Never underestimate an old man with a drum set shirt



Jay Spillers in order for a person to be incubated and put on a ventilator they need to be sedated and have pain relief because that tube in your throat is something that a conscious person will fight because it feels like you’re choking. States that use lethal injection use the same sedatives and paralytics as are used (at a safe dose) in hospitals. It’s the combination of drugs that allow them to be used successfully for executions. They have other functions separately, depending on the drug. A paralytic and sedative are two examples. You are welcome to disagree. I am a criminal justice professor with a specialty in corrections. I will not list a bunch of studies for you because you would simply ignore them. However, if you’re truly interested in learning, I will teach you to use Google Scholar to find the relevant research and will guide you through reading and understanding empirical studies. And I’ll do it for free. But I suspect you’d rather just hold on to your ill-informed opinion. You are entitled to do that. Ali Choudhry Well, I’m not sure what being or not being a Never underestimate an old man with a drum set shirt has to do with anything, but I didn’t drop my credentials. You asked for them and then refused to accept them. I don’t have to demand that my expertise be recognized – it already has been, from the awarding of my doctorate to being tenured, to my peer-reviewed publications. I’m sorry that you find my qualifications to be so offensive. I have made no statement from which you can legitimately conclude that I can’t stand a differing opinion. No, you’re not one of my students, yet I was willing to provide you with a legitimate educational opportunity. We call that a” teachable moment.” You are clearly going to refuse it, which is somewhat sad. You seem to have simply decided to dig in your heels and be combative, rather than broaden your knowledge base. Btw, your profile says you are in NYC. I sincerely hope that neither you nor your loved ones have been affected by the virus. If it comes to that, I hope the needed medical supplies are available to you.


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