Never underestimate a realtor who survived 2020 coronavirus pandemic shirt

Never underestimate a realtor who survived 2020 coronavirus pandemic shirt



ACLU, this is one time it is prudent to also fight for general population rights (versus solely marginalized) because we all seem to be vulnerable at this time. The government needs to test more widely and let trained public health and medical researchers lead and NOT politicians and business industry. In particular, health care and essential service workers need proper protection (work hours, protective gear, and testing). Sue for that. We need a government “for the people, by the people” again! The current state of our government is NOT ACCEPTABLE. If they cannot lead and support the entire country with all the assets we always brag about during a national crisis, why do we call it the United States of America?? We have pushed everything off onto States and private enterprise and we now have what seems to be a “Go Fund Me” country! Shameful and embarrassing. Do you have any information you can share regarding the financially vulnerable population (our homeless communities, unemployed, and families receiving TANF) and the stimulus checks? It appears that as things currently stand, only those paying taxes are eligible for help. Also, since the stimulus check is an advance on future earned income credit, does that mean those carrying student loans will never see it? I don’t know if this is the right place to ask, but I can’t find any information and nobody seems to care. They got us at camps on this fake quarantine shit. That only works for mediums and USP’s. We in open dorms. No way to operate us. Free us federal campers is the best move and save money on paying the Never underestimate a realtor who survived 2020 coronavirus pandemic shirt. That money better off used elsewhere. 100 million wasted. All they do is come here a sit the fuck down. And they liable to bring it to us. Where the hell is the ACLU now? These are unconstitutional lockdowns! How can it be constitutional to forcibly lock people in their homes and not be able to travel? Why aren’t you out there challenging these quarantines? If this shit goes on all summer there WILL BE riots! And I will be leading them. This is bullshit!


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