Never stand between a woman and her Dr Pepper shirt

Never stand between a woman and her Dr Pepper shirt



Really? What about Trump’s crimes? Fake university, fake charity, scamming veterans. When will he go to jail? Oh, never. Why not? White Male and wealthy. Yeah, it is liberals fault he commits crimes. This makes me happy to hear cause it’s the small people that usually never get heard in this big world. We are the ones that suffer ever day and get called crazy when something happens. That we can’t explain or don’t understand and I thank you ACLU and stand by you a 100 percent for giving us small people our voices back even if we are doing good or bad we deserve our right to privacy. I don’t think there should be an expectation of privacy in a public place. Anyone has the right to film/photograph anything in public places and that’s how it should be. What we need is a Never stand between a woman and her Dr Pepper shirt of strong checks in place so the government is not able to abuse surveillance. For example, wiretapping someone generally already requires a court order (although this protection has been weakened and should be restored). The same restrictions could be applied to any facial recognition system – they have to be built with clear audit trails in place so any access to such a system is logged and you’d need a court order or equivalent to look someone up. This can be a powerful tool for law enforcement if used correctly. There have been concerns around racial bias in face recognition systems. It is possible to test for and remove those biases and that’s something we should legislate for – any public facial recognition system should pass bias testing before application. I don’t think the solution to corrupt law enforcement is to make them powerless, we just need to train them to be humane. Many good examples exist around the world, the same can be done in the US.


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