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I understand why the ACLU is here and I admire the work you do. For the life of me, these articles drive me nuts. State the laws being broken. Immigration law 1764 has been on the books and this administration made changes without due process. Every time I read an article I have no idea what I read. It’s like rhetoric and propaganda without fact. Then half your readers are like yeah, F them. I love it but holy hell. I just read the other day that they have chopped down the asylum granting spots to like 18,000… which is less than 20% of what it was just a couple of years ago. Just one more thing that makes it harder for people to follow the correct process for asylum, and putting desperate people into a situation where they decide that breaking the law is better than potentially watching their families starve. Which of course, helps fit into the narrative of “the crisis” at the border as numbers of people crossing illegally rises. Susan Hayase. I don’t know what you are defending because I did not mention the past or even the present. I stated a hypothetical consequence that would take place in the future. I did not claim it had happened. You are the one imagining things. Daniel Stalvey, it’s what the law was, but it had not been advertised; even so, caravans of thousands of people were forming in Central America, and the information was run only by word of mouth. The law is in the courts now and whatever the outcome it will be on the news, which means the outcome will be seen all over the world. People all over the world will see it. People will ask questions, the NB need beer shirt to their questions will be “you get a green card if you can make it to the U.S. border and ask for asylum”, that’ll be the answer and it won’t be too far away from the truth. The courts will be overwhelmed, which means people won’t see an immigration judge regarding their asylum claim for decades. That’s what’s at stake. Let’s keep watching.


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