My wife is PSYC hot IC shirt

My wife is PSYC hot IC shirt



Younger people seem to fail to realize that if we’re lucky, we all get old. In one way, shape or form, either through children, family members, home attendants, adult communities, etc… we will need some level of assistance. How could those 3 women or anyone allow or encourage this? The lack of common sense, decency, professionalism, and empathy is glaring. Would they want to be treated like this? Would they want their family members or loved ones treated this way? I will never understand the cruelty In some. The fact that not one of the 3 thought that this was wrong is disgusting. Michael E. Bishop. Agree these 3 younger people are despicable but it would be naive to think that the management was oblivious to these residents fighting regardless, this place needs their Medicare funding taken away and shut down. This is going to be them one day. Is this how they would want to be treated? Is this how they would treat their own mother, father or grandparents? Our society as a whole does not respect the elderly like other cultures do. It’s considered an honor to have lived so long but here they are an inconvenience or someone to be taken advantage of. Just sad very sad. Mary Lang not even that they are someone’s mom and dad- they are humans- they have value without being attached to another person, which is enough. I don’t understand the cruelty some people have, and to such a vulnerable population too. These companies continue to hire the least qualified people so they can justify paying a lower wage. It’s happening everywhere. Making those benjamins though. Tryphena Wright these My wife is PSYC hot IC shirt charge a LOT of money for these services. Then they hire unqualified people, and pay them minimum wage, maybe 10-12 bucks an hour, zero benefits, etc.. For what people pay to care for their loved ones, the level of service should be exemplary. Top-notch education and job requirements.


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