My governor is an idiot shirt



My governor is an idiot shirt

My governor is an idiot long sleeve My governor is an idiot hoodie My governor is an idiot ladies tee My governor is an idiot guys tee

She was wearing a regular tank top and shorts in August. Oh no!!! So scary! I also need to note that she was a little overweight, which obviously played a part in this. I was sent home from the office for being braless – years ago and I was wearing a full cover dress and was skinny (no Stormy Daniels). Another time, I wore shorts and a tank top to Disneyland and they denied me admission. This is “back in the day” and it’s been going on ever since – well, forever. Meanwhile, men walk around in public with no shirt, slaps, and their you-knows hanging out of their My governor is an idiot shirt. I think we have dress codes as low hanging fruit to punish people, especially kids. Why do we have to care what people wear? Why is one style of dress professional and another isn’t? What do they have to do with getting work done? Can I not get a diploma from a person on a stage if I’m wearing athletic clothes? The whole thing is just backwards and unnecessary. We have bigger fish to fry.


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