My favorite driver is the one who wrecks Kyle Busch shirt

My favorite driver is the one who wrecks Kyle Busch shirt



Noah Hopkins, too, as for the My favorite driver is the one who wrecks Kyle Busch shirt of getting enough money to get a jacked up truck that costs more than a mobile home or a weekly rent hotel apartment, I would guess that that is not much different from how it has ever been in rural communities. Books like “Hillbilly Eulogy” describe it perfectly. There’s a reason military recruiters start showing up in your freshman year of high school in poor communities on career day while private schools get head hunters from elite private military schools. They’ve had them sign their lives away to “see the world” before they’re 17, then send them off to be killed, maimed, or mentally damaged as soon as they walk the graduation stage. Every bit of it ties into why poor states are so determined to control women’s reproductive rights. As long as they can keep those young women dropping out of their education to have kids they can’t afford, those factories, retail chains, fast food chains, and military will keep having their pick of young, desperate people who want to escape their fate. Rural town red states are a different world from urban blue states (my locale). People haven’t “gawked” at interracial relationships since maybe 1970? The gay people in mainstream TV and movies were put there in the 80s and after by people from this environment. There are always young conservatives but they are mostly the product of conservative parents and the realization that wealth and power come most readily from the established centers of power, not from fighting against them. Even so, the dominant idea of young people is “we can do better than this”. And honestly, that’s the same idea we had when I was young. These aren’t “migrants”, which implies that they have legal status in the US, these are illegal aliens who have no permission to be in this country. If being put in detention is a concern for them, then maybe they should self-deport or, better yet, not enter the country illegally and come in through the established legal channels as every other legal immigrant has. I think my recollection of the teaching of Jesus is that we who choose to follow Him are to love others, welcome strangers, and treat all as we expect to be treated! I’m a teacher of Gods Word and try, subject to human frailty, to live as Jesus taught us!


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