My dad a rat shirt

My dad a rat shirt



William Marone, you mean illegally being mandated to stay at home or face jail is fine. That is quite rank. If you want to be home for a virus with the lethality of less than one percent then you need to stay home forever. Because a lot of viruses have a higher lethality. Much like conformity and sheep herding that is going on. Fear isn’t healthy and staying in solitary confinement (for some) isn’t either. I don’t have a politically correct answer, but I do have an idea of how we stop My dad a rat shirt. We fight racism by allowing jackass protesters to learn the hard way that threatening someone with violence = go to jail. We fight racism by refusing to be part of a system that attacks its citizens because of the color of their skin, their gender, sex, age, disability, and national origin. We remove “race” from discrimination. We are all the human race and should be treated equally. We stop teaching our children that people that are different are less than humans. A crayon is a crayon no matter the color. A human is a human no matter the color. We treat any religious gathering that has a message of hate towards any of the above as a danger to society. Before people start shouting No that doesn’t mean we ban ANY religious worship public or private. Just any group that threaten others with violence. There are plenty of Muslims, Jews, Hindus, Pagans, Christians, and a few that I forgot that do not spread hatred in our society. It’s what happens when you tell an entire group of people that they don’t matter and that justice will not be served. Alternatively, it’s what happens when white people win sporting events or get angry that black people are succeeding. Yep, we’ll never really know what happened that day. But we do know that cops kill people all the time and get off because they’re cops.


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