My Chemical Romance shirt

My Chemical Romance shirt



Rob Sutera, You mean no disrespect and at the same time deny medicine to people like me. Do you not see the contradiction here? Spending money to ensure we have the best fighting force on the planet, both mentally and physically, is not a waste of money. Providing support for the suicidal and self-harmful people who have chosen to defend the country is a no-brainer. Rob Sutera “You think healthcare is expensive now, ha – just wait until it’s ‘free'” that argument immediately falls flat on its face when you take into account that taxpayers in countries with single-payer healthcare pay less in taxes towards healthcare than Americans pay in insurance premiums. Evangelina Artman, I see no contradiction and deny you nothing other than using my tax dollars for reassignment. And does extreme dysphoria to the point of suicide really qualify as ‘fit for service’ as part of the best fighting force on the planet? People want to suggest it’s right there with PTSD, but the PTSD being treated using my tax $$ is from the horrendous experiences that come with military service right now. Besides, those being treated for PTSD are no longer fit for service. Tristan Ellis is that so? What taxes are you referring to, specifically? There are a million+1 different things we pay taxes for without even realizing it. All those taxes get raised and all the goldfish call it “cost of living” when in reality it’s because tax money is subsidized from other My Chemical Romance shirt in order to cover the difference in healthcare costs (and for a country this size, with close to 1 million homeless, the difference in cost will be substantial in order for us to pay less than we do now). But those other programs can’t afford to pay it all, so taxes go up on fuel, property, gas/electric, etc – and new taxes get introduced, and people are thrilled about saving a little bit on healthcare, but fail to see how it relates to the $1000’s more they pay for the same quality of life. So of those countries, you’re referring to, what does their economy look like? What is the cost of living/quality of life? How were these affected by establishing a single-payer system?


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