My boat doesn’t run on thanks shirt

My boat doesn’t run on thanks shirt



Sorry. No. A worse possible way to try to solve the My boat doesn’t run on thanks shirt. How about working to provide rehabilitation and support for vulnerable populations who find themselves in this “profession” involuntarily, or simply for lack of having any other means of survival. Certainly, no one should be forced to engage in sex work due to desperation or lack of options, but there are plenty of sex workers who enjoy the autonomy of it. Some people don’t mind, or even like sex work. No one should be forced into it, under any circumstances, but the first step is to decriminalize so that those who choose it can report to the police those who are being trafficked. You comment is ignorant of the healthy range of human activities. Sex is already decriminalized in Vegas and other places. It’s attitudes like that reflected in your comment that keeps sex work dirty and underground. Attitudes like that are the problem, not legal sex work. Is it better for my soul to schlep food and cocktails all night too often unappreciated, condescending cretins? It, certainly, isn’t better for my knees, back, finances, or regard for humanity as a whole. Using your body is using your body. People skills are a plus. Actually, things that are actually not good ideas, (which means they are bad ideas), should be illegal. But when it comes to the range of sexual behaviors in humans, sex work is a good idea. We can examine the behavioral, psychological, sociological issues surround sex work, that may reveal insights. But there seems no reason to conclude that for some people it’s not a good idea. For people that want that, and people are are comfortable providing it, it seems a healthy concept but also one in need of being legitimized and regulated for health reasons. Unfortunately in countries where prostitution is legal women and girls are still forced into this business by powerful men. The Nordic model is the only way to allow people to freely sell their bodies without the abuse and force of others into a business. Decriminalizing sex work would also increase the ability of trafficked sex workers to be seen and assisted. It also incentivizes reporting by reducing competition and pricing deflation for consensual sex workers.


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