Music band shirt

Music band shirt



The borders were closed for a reason. Should we have all these immigrants coming here and possibly bringing in the virus? They would have to be quarantined, but then people yell because they are held in detention centers. Canada also closed its border for the same Music band shirt. It’s a huge risk to just allow thousands of immigrants to keep coming in while we are fighting the virus and have a crippled economy. Who would take care of them? from what I am hearing the undocumented immigrants are struggling to afford food and rent. So it’s not like the families can care for them. How are they following the laws? They sneak in outside of the port of entry that is breaking a law for one. The whole process is messed up. They come in, apply for asylum, once they have due process and get denied asylum do they leave? No, they defy the court orders and stay even after they have their day in court. Then ice has to go out and track them down to deport them. it would probably be a lot different if they did come in, apply for asylum then leave if denied. People yell they deserve their day in court and even after they have it they cry for being deported. many have openly admitted they come here for the economy. You cant have it both ways. That is why they actually started the remain in Mexico. Once they were here and denied they disappear. That’s classic. Forbidding lawful asylum seekers is protecting our borders. How is that? How do you get there? Of course, we have the right to protect our borders. We must and should. Nobody wants ‘open borders” no matter how much your boy would like to sell that lunatic idea, it’s not true. Gullibility supported by numberless nonsequiturs and logical fallacies is the current snake oil you people are selling.


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