Mostly running on empty ms warrior shirt

Mostly running on empty ms warrior shirt



When faced with unlawful actions from St Louis police, I looked to the ACLU for help. They don’t have time to help people, they fight for the legalization of the pot instead. Civil liberties are not a concern anymore. Rebrand yourselves as whatever the current trend is. You are not what you used to be, you do not fight for the people anymore. While I do hope for efforts to stand against this terrible president, I don’t think this group is the right direction. Bernie Sanders’s campaign is the best route. Sheila Penney, I don’t know what you are seeing but Bernie is the ONLY one that can beat Trump. The polls even showed that back in 2016 when the Shill/DNC stole the primaries from him. He is still showing like the one who will beat Drumpf. Where in the Bible did God give the Mostly running on empty ms warrior shirt of the US the right to guns? You can call it a founding principal of the country and it is in the constitution, but I don’t buy that God gave us the right to own and use guns. Jimmy Patton, It’s so amusing that so many of you that support him have to sell stuff on FB. Times are hard but you’re to blind to put the blame where it’s due. It’s human nature to be able to protect one’s self, children and family. That’s the God-given right. The only way to be able to do that against someone with a gun is to have a gun also. You don’t bring a knife to a gunfight and “thoughts and prayers” don’t cut it either. I disagree that the only way to protect against gun violence is more guns. Also, book, chapter, and verse would be helpful to this theological discussion so I can see what scripture you are citing for this benign a God-given right.


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