Mordor shirt

Mordor shirt



So… the whole idea of there being a pay gap between men and women is bogus (especially if one hasn’t queried everyone involved in a statistical sample to see what there gender(s) of the moment might me). One can only hope that the ACLU retains a consistent position and sues the state of California for requiring women on the Mordor shirt of directors for publicly held corporations whose executive offices are in the state. Jesus Francisco Javier Partida I really don’t know what you are talking about. This is not difficult stuff unless you are freaked out about it, which tells me you don’t have much of a life. Jesus Francisco Javier Partida Do you understand what it means to have a basis for visual identification? Like no matter whether you are a man or a woman, if you are 5 foot seven and weigh 190 pounds, that’s a pretty good set of statistics? Jesus Francisco Javier Partida I mean, there’s very little difference between the sexes. In the vast majority of cases, anyone needing to identify you is not going to need you to take your clothes off. And if you are a male with long hair wearing makeup, hello? How about a female with short hair not wearing makeup? Hello? Bueller? Bueller? Yeah, it’s not difficult at all. ID’s are useless if they don’t have to identify information. You think someone’s sex isn’t an important data point when identifying people. This belief isn’t based on anything other than the constant social programming you have subjected yourself to. The only people that don’t have much of life are the ones that get offended when asked to identify gender on an ID. Jesus Francisco Javier Partida What is your point here? I am not denying that currently gender and sex are used as identifying characteristics. But my point is that failing to use them does not make identifying someone impossible. For the 20th time, height and weight are far more indicative of who someone is.


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