Moo point like a cow’s opinion it doesn’t matter it’s moo shirt

Moo point like a cow’s opinion it doesn’t matter it’s moo shirt



Further, with the increased importance of online privacy, the FTC is broadening the criteria for COPPA compliance in ways that could unreasonably increase liability exposure for online businesses. Big corporations like Youtube can handle that, but small businesses may not be able to. The new language is still under revision but due to being implemented next month. When implemented, they will apply to all websites. And that brings me back to my worries as a small business operator. I cannot control all aspects of data collection that supports my webshop because I will be dependent on bigger companies to provide services and platforms. I am in the same position viz my web-host and transaction platform as the creators on Youtube – I will benefit from their Moo point like a cow’s opinion it doesn’t matter it’s moo shirt but have no access to or control over what they do. I am, effectively, their customer. But the laws written so far, don’t recognize or understand that tiered relationship of online businesses. The laws typically don’t contain clear language about how to identify responsible parties for purposes of enforcing laws or deciding whom to sue. So under some laws, like CCPA under which private citizens can sue website owners for privacy violations, there is no provision at all for how to map or trace data collection to show who is properly liable for what. I could conceivably be directly sued or caught up in a class action because I am unable to scrub consumer information that is actually collected and controlled by, say, my web host company, and to which I have no access. This is such new territory and the rule are changing so fast that I think the problems are going to end up getting worked out via lawsuits. But in the meantime, companies that can’t survive getting hit with inappropriate or mistargeted suits or fines are going to fail. And that is going to be small businesses, not giant corporations like Google/Youtube, Facebook, etc. The best case will be that it all ends with the power of giant internet corporations being scaled back and a better understanding of how information is used online. Worst case, the internet will become the playground of a few giant organizations. Short-term, though, it is a very scary time to be a regular person trying to do business online.


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