Mongo only pawn in game of life shirt

Mongo only pawn in game of life shirt



Jesse Bachir Isn’t it hilarious to see all of these GOPers squawks and cry about this case, yet not know the first thing about it? They always whine about states’ rights, but when courts affirm them, they still whine because it doesn’t fit their racist agenda. They don’t even know that the suit was filed by the city of Chicago. Jesse Bachir no they are not reasonable. We have lost more people to the flu than Covid19. If you are healthy, the survivability rate is almost 99%. This has nothing to do with me not liking it, actually my life as pretty much unchanged. However, you cannot violate the constitution because of governors what to control their Mongo only pawn in game of life shirt. Jesse Bachir then you need to review the case law pertaining to DUI checkpoints and the infringement of civil liberties. My experience is the majority of people that go to law school straight from after their undergrad without any real work experience are blinded from the real world. You cannot honestly say the lockdowns throughout the county could pass the rational basis test. Jesse Bachir how many times has habeas corpus been suspended in this country? Even when Lincoln attempted to suspend it during the civil war it was considered unconstitutional. There has never been a precedent like this to arbitrarily suspended large portions of the society for the notion of “safety”. The only exception would during ww2 when the US government imprisoned Japanese Americans to keep the rest of the country safe. It was wrong then and it’s wrong now. It sounds like with all that education you never actually held a real job. I have a theory about why people further their education, they never really want to work in the real world so they just keep going to school. Here is something I guess you forgot about with all years of school. In America, we follow laws, not orders. Only kings, tyrants a dictators issue orders.


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